After being in a self-imposed quarantine for almost two weeks due to the flu, I’ve been outside today. Making sure I held my distance to people, I got some sun on my face and saw some people. And it seemed to me that the people of Oslo take the Corona virus seriously. They’re outside, but they keep their distance. They’re outside, playing with their children and getting some fresh air and sun.

As the hours passed, the number of people dwindled. The atmosphere was almost like a Sunday afternoon, even though it was a Monday. The city was quiet, some shops were open, but most were closed. Those who were in fact open had few or no patrons visiting, as you can see from some of the images.

This will pass – the question is just how long it will take. This was the first weekday of this situation. Let’s hope it will not last long. Until then, stay safe!

Here are some images from my walk through the city.

These 3 guys had bought one pizza each so as not to infect each other. Or so they say ;)
Alexander Kiellands Plass
Alexander Kiellands Plass
Enjoying the sun at a safe distance.
Take care of each other
Take care of each other
Got to keep running!
Keeping the distance.
Not so busy street.
Aker Brygge – normally busy, now very quiet.
Aker Brygge – normally busy, now very quiet.
Keeping it positive!
Waiting to cross.
The long road home.
Killing time.
A balancing act.
Quiet time.
Taking precautions.