This November, I had the privilege of shooting all of the speakers at a local TEDx event here in Norway.

I set up a large (2x3 meter) scrim and had 3 Flexkit lights behind it. I also used a flexkit light as a hair light. The background is a Peter Hurley Matte Black Proboard.

During the sessions, I tried to create a safe space for the speakers. Going on stage in front of 700 people can be intimidating, and the photo session was a way to wind down after the performance. Each meeting was unique and I enjoyed using my headshot experience to try and create a calm, focused environment with the subjects. All in all, a very pleasant experience.

Another nice point was the fact that the photo sessions were a gift to each speaker. This took away the monetary element, and let us focus only on creating a good portrait together.

I got a lot of new contacts doing this job, as well as a number of new portraits for my portfolio.